Success Stories

“All of you at Macht Village Programs need to realize how much you impact our lives, how much you help us, and how much we appreciate every one of you. Every single employee there is awesome.”

MVP Parent

“My Husband and I have been foster parents for over 21 years. We have never felt as supported by any other agency as we do working with Macht Village Programs. They provide us with the training, crisis intervention and guidance to make us feel confident to succeed with any child.”

Sue Duerr, Foster Parent

“I started my journey 4 years ago when I got full placement of my son. He was in a couple programs prior to yours with absolutely no success. Not only did you guys coach my son, but more importantly you gave me the tools to fix the issues. I went from looking at him with disappointment to pure admiration.”

MVP Parent

“Schools are complex organizations filled with a variety of students with a wide range of special needs. There are times when the educational options that a school can provide are not a good match for a student’s needs. I have experienced this multiple times in my 19 years in public education. The Macht Village program provides an option for educational programming that public schools simply cannot provide – an intensive, sometimes individual and/or small group type of therapy. What makes Macht Village especially effective is their emphasis on transitioning students back to the regular school environment – with support if needed. I haveworked closely with the Macht Village staff on behalf of four or five students to date, and in each casethe student’s educational needs are being more effectively met – after an intervention fromthe Macht Village program. It has become a valuable programming option forstudents with special needs in our school.”

 Middle School Principal